PERFORMING ART GROUP MIMOART COMPANY creates visual and physical contemporary performances and pedagogy in the field of dance, theatre, circus and contemporary art. MimoArt Company collaborates with both Finnish and international artists. Company was founded in 2016 and it is based in Helsinki.

Artistic directors and creators Mimosa Lindahl and Arto-Oskar Reunanen work represents a new coming of the Finnish Performing Arts. The artistic thinking of this couple has became unisono during 10 years they have worked together. MimoArt Company has its foundation in the dialogue of arts and the seamless collaboration of movement, visual aspects, and soundscape. Company combines boldly different art forms and traditions in an unforeseen way.

Companys art pedagogical work aims to wider genres and fields crossing understanding of art, co-operation and a society wide conversation about the meanings and possibilities of art.

MimoArt Company’s debute BODY NOTES was premiered in 2017 and it was praised by the audience and art critics. The piece WAS AWARDED AS THE BEST PIECE of the International physical theatre festival in Macedonian National Theatre. After the first season in Finland Company have been touring in Czech Republic, Tyluv Theatre; MIME FEST 2018 / Macedonian National Theatre; PANPHYS – International Festival of Mime and Physical Theatre 2019 / Alexander Theatre, Helsinki, Finland 2019


MIMOSA LINDAHL has done artistic and pedagogical work as a professional for more than a decade in the area of physical and visual contemporary performance. The all-encompassing nature of performance and dialogical working methods are at the core of Lindahl’s art, pedagogical research, and her innovative approach. Her work promotes each performer’s persona as a tool for creating, rehearsing and performing material. Lindahl brakes boundaries in a performing art field by mixing in her work contemporary dance, butoh, physical theater, physical mime and new clownery.

Lindahl´s works have been awarded as the best of the international choreography contest, mime and physical theatre and theatre festival. Lindahl has worked together with the international artists such as former clowns from the Cirque du Soleil: Eric Davis/Red Bastard (USA) and Aitor Basauri (ESP).


Past 15 years ARTO-OSKAR REUNANEN has done various works in the field of dance, theater, circus and film. Hes works as a director, scenographer and performer has been awarded. Reunanen has worked for the international artists such as Dorita Hannah and Jan Fabre Company.